As an advisory board to the Federal On Scene Coordinator (FOSC), the Alaska Regional Response Team provides federal, state, and local governmental agencies with means to participate in response to pollution incidents.
Alaska Regional Response Team Graphic  Alaska Regional Response Team Graphic  Alaska Regional Response Team Graphic

Emergency Phone Number:
National Response Team


Contact the ARRT Coordinators:
Nick Knowles, US EPA
Patricia Bower, AK DEC

What's New?

Next Meeting  

Alaska Regional Response Team Meeting:  The next meeting of the ARRT will be held on Wednesday, May 24th, in Sitka, AK, at the Westmark Hotel, 330 Seward St..  You may view the agenda at ARRT Agenda for MAY17 Mtg.pdf.  Unfortunately, no block of rooms was reserved, so you may need to make lodging arrangements elsewhere.  This meeting will be held in conjunction with a meeting of the Alaska Southeast Subarea Committee, on May 23rd, at the same location. You may view the Subarea Committee agenda at:

*******Upcoming Meeting Schedule Changes********

The date for the Fall meeting, in Cordova, has been moved to Thursday, September 21st, with the Prince William Sound Subarea Committee meeting on the 20th.   Also, the date for the Winter 2018 meeting has been moved to January 31st.  

January Meeting Notes

Final meeting notes from the January 19th meeting in Fairbanks, may be viewed at Jan Fairbanks ARRT Meeting.docx 

Alaska Pipeline Jurisdictional Tool
EPA has completed work on a mapping tool, deliniating jurisdictional responsibility for planning and inspection requirements for hydrocarbon pipelines in Alaska.  View the atlas of maps availible at Jurisdictional Tool Map Atlas.pdf.

Biennial Work Plan

The ARRT's 2017-2018 Biennial Work Plan has been finalized, and may be viewed at: BWP 2017-2018 FINAL.pdf.  While the plan covers a two year period, it is updated annually. 

Annual Tribal Newsletter

You may view the 2017 annual ARRT Tribal Newsletter, posted to the Tribal Outreach page of this website.

Area Contingency Plans and a Regional Contingency Plan for Alaska

At the direction of the ARRT, representatives from the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, The U.S. Coast Guard, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are working jointly to establish Contingency Plans for Alaska that conform with the guidance and regulations of the National Contingency Plan.  You can learn for about this effort at:

NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Arctic Wildlife Response Outreach

NMFS intends to publish draft Arctic Marine Mammal Disaster Response Guidelines in the Federal Register this spring in order to solicit comments to strengthen the document. If you would like to be notified when publication occurs, please email Sadie Wright at

New Documents:    


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