This page contains information on upcoming meetings as well as copies of meeting summaries, presentations and documents discussed or presented at the Alaska Regional Response Team meetings.

May 24 Sitka - ARRT Meeting Presentations. AGENDA

Review of actions since last meeting - Mark Everett

Area Contingency Plan/ Regional Contingency Plan Task Force Update - Nick Knowles

USCG Area Contingency Planning Revitalization Effort - Mark Everett

On-Scene Coordinator Reports

USCG Pacific Strike Team Capabilities

Review of Oil Surrogates Application and Approval Process

Southeast Alaska Petroleum Response Organization


Upcoming Meetings: 


Fall:  September 21st, Cordova


Winter: January 31, Anchorage
Spring 2018, May 16, Kenai

Fall 2018, Barrow 



Meeting Summaries:


January 2017, Fairbanks, AK Summary Notes


January 2016, Anchorage, AK Summary Notes

May 2016, Kodiak, AK Summary Notes

September 2016, Nome, AK Summary Notes


January 2015, Juneau, AK Summary Notes

May 2015, Anchorage, AK  Summary Notes

September 2015, Soldotna, AK Summary Notes



January 2014, Anchorage, AK Summary Notes

May 2014, Fairbanks, AK Summary Notes

October 2014, Valdez AK Summary Notes



February 2013, Anchorage, AK Summary Notes

May 2013, Valdez, AK Summary Notes

September 25, Juneau, AK Summary Notes


February 2012, Juneau, AK Day 1 Summary  Day 2 Summary

October 2012, Fairbanks, AK  Day 1 Summary  Day 2 Summary


August 2011, Valdez,AK Day 1 Summary  Day 2 Summary



Recent Meeting Presentations: It has become the practice of the ARRT to imbed links to meeting presentations in the meeting summaries above.  To access a presentation, click the link for the "Summary Notes" for that meeting, and a link to the presentation can be found in that .pdf document.  




Arctic SONS Logistics Concept of Operations (CONOP)


Papers on Reporting on the Biodegration and Toxicity of Chemically Dispersed Oil: