ARRT Meetings

This page contains information on upcoming meetings as well as copies of meeting summaries, presentations and documents discussed or presented at the Alaska Regional Response Team meetings.


Upcoming ARRT Meetings

ARRT SPRING 2019: Thursday, May 16, 2019 in Fairbanks, Alaska at the Noel Wein Library (1215 Cowles St, Fairbanks, AK 99701) 

Agenda, Presentations & Background Material

Review of Actions Since Last Meeting & Statewide Planning Committee Update
Area Committees Discusion: Alaska Regional Response Team Charter, Science and Technology Charter, Cultural Resources Committee Charter, Wildlife Protection Committee Charter
Tribal Participation Presentation & Discussion (See also: and
Area Committee Reports
State-of-the-Science of Dispersants and Dispersed Oil in U.S. Arctic Waters

Upcoming Area Committee Meetings

Arctic & Western Alaska (AWA) Area Committee and Alaska Inland Area Committee, May 15, 2019 in Fairbanks, Alaska at the Noel Wein Library (1215 Cowles St, Fairbanks, AK 99701). AWA will meet in the morning and Alaska Inland will be in the afternoon. AGENDA;   PRESENTATIONS: AWA AC Presentations (morning session)  AK Inland AC Presentation #1 and AK Inland AC Presentation from the Alaska Railroad (afternoon session)

Prince William Sound Area Committee and Alaska Inland Area Committee, May 21, 2019  in Cordova, AK

Recent Meeting Presentations


Meeting Summaries

January 2018, Anchorage AK, Summary Notes
May 2018, Juneau, AK Summary Notes

January 2017, Fairbanks, AK Summary Notes
May 24, 2017, Sitka, AK Summary Notes
September 21, 2017, Cordova, AK 
Summary Notes

January 2016, Anchorage, AK Summary Notes
May 2016, Kodiak, AK Summary Notes
September 2016, Nome, AK Summary Notes

January 2015, Juneau, AK Summary Notes
May 2015, Anchorage, AK  Summary Notes
September 2015, Soldotna, AK Summary Notes

January 2014, Anchorage, AK Summary Notes
May 2014, Fairbanks, AK Summary Notes
October 2014, Valdez AK Summary Notes

February 2013, Anchorage, AK Summary Notes
May 2013, Valdez, AK Summary Notes
September 25, Juneau, AK Summary Notes

February 2012, Juneau, AK Day 1 Summary  Day 2 Summary
October 2012, Fairbanks, AK  Day 1 Summary  Day 2 Summary

August 2011, Valdez,AK Day 1 Summary  Day 2 Summary


Associated & Referenced Material

Arctic SONS Logistics Concept of Operations (CONOP)

Papers on Reporting on the Biodegration and Toxicity of Chemically Dispersed Oil: