Complete list of RRT Members and Affiliates, including phone numbers and addresses.


 Alaska Regional Response Team Members

Mr. Calvin Terada, Alaska RRT Tri-Chair 
Environmental Protection Agency - Emergency Response Program (Region 10)

Ms. Beth Sheldrake, Alaska RRT Tri-Chair Alternate                                  Environmental Protection Agency - Emergency Response Program (Region 10)

Mr. Mark Everett, , Alaska RRT Tri-chair
U.S. Coast Guard (17th Coast Guard District)

CAPT Shannan Greene, Alaska RRT Tri-chair Alternate
U.S. Coast Guard (17th Coast Guard District) 

Ms. Denise Koch, Alaska RRT Tri-chair
State of Alaska, Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation (ADEC)

Mr. Graham Wood, Alaska RRT Alternate Tri-chair
State of Alaska, Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation (ADEC)

Mr. Harvey Hergett
Dept of Agriculture - US Forest Service

Mr. Doug Helton
Dept of Commerce -National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Mr. Eric Bleakney
Dept of Defense - Alaskan Command (ALCOM) 

Ms. Diane Clark
Dept of Energy

Mr. Joe Sarcone
Dept of Health & Human Services (DHHS)

Mr. Robert Forgit
Dept of Homeland Security - Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Dr. Philip Johnson
Dept of Interior

Ms. Laurie D. Dubriel
Dept of Justice

Mr. Scott Ketcham
Dept of Labor - Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

Mr. Van Reidhead
Dept of State

Ms. Cindy Sacks
Dept Of Transportation – Federal  Aviation Administration

Mr. Brian Swanson
General Services Administration



































 Alaska RRT Coordinators

Environmental Protection Agency, Ms. Mary Goolie,
(907) 271-3414

U.S. Coast Guard, Mr. Marc Randolph
(907) 463-2817

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Ms. Clara Crosby, (907) 269-5007

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Mr. Craig Ziolkowski,     (907) 269-7547


 State & Federal On Scene Coordinators

State of Alaska, Department of Environmental Conservation

Mr. Bob Mattson
SOSC for Southeast Alaska

Mr. Tom DeRuyter 
SOSC for Northern Alaska 

Mr. Geoff Merrell
SOSC for Central & PWS Alaska

U.S. Coast Guard (Coastal & Marine Zone)

CAPT Sean MacKenzie
Coast Guard Sector Anchorage
FOSC for Central, Western, & Northern Alaska

CAPT Stephen White
Coast Guard Sector Juneau
FOSC for Southeast Alaska 

CDR Michael Franklin
Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Valdez
FOSC for Prince William Sound

Environmental Protection Agency
Mr. Matt Carr
FOSC for the North Slope and Trans Alaska Pipeline
Mr. Robert Whitter
FOSC for the rest of Alaska


ARRT Work Groups

A list of all committee members and contacts is available here (under development).

  • Science and Technology Committee
  • Wildlife Protection Committee
  • Cultural Resouces Protection Committee
  • Alaska Statewide Planning Committee (to be developed)
  • Food Safety Task Force


Federally-recognized Tribes Contact Information

BIA Directory of Federally-Recognized Tribes


Natural Resource Trustees Contacts


Trustees Emergency Contact List