As available, response documents, including after action reports and lessons learned reports, will be posted or hyperlinked here.



ADEC, Division of Spill Response and Prevention, Prevention and Emergency Response Program (SPAR/PERP) hosts a Response Update section that is frequently updated with information regarding active responses.



Gold King Mine (Colorado) August 2015

Silvertip/Yellowstone River Spill (Montana) July 2011

National Response Team Lessons Learned Powerpoint Presentation

Enbridge Oil Spill (Michigan) July 2010.

USDOT PHMSA Lessons Learned, Federal Register Notice, May 6, 2014

EPA's Response to the Enbridge Oil Spill

Deep Water Horizon (Gulf of Mexico) April-July 2010.

Incident Specific Preparedness Review, USCG

Dept. of Interior Response and Restoration