Wildlife Protection Guidelines

Protecting wildlife during spill response in Alaska is key to the success of the overall response. This page hosts the guidelines for wildlife protection during a spill response in Alaska and additional resources to aid in the protection of wildlife.


Wildlife Protection Guidelines for Oil Spill Response in Alaska (WPG)

The Wildlife Protection Committee of the Alaska Regional Response Team (ARRT[BEC1] ) maintains the Wildlife Protection Guidelines for Oil Spill Response in Alaska.

WPG, version 2020.1 (February 2021, file update, no content changed: PDF bookmarks added and image compression errors addressed) 

  • WPG 2020.1, full size [BEC2] (30 MB). Use this version for printing.
  • WPG 2020.1, full size [BEC3] (9 MB). Image quality is reduced.

WPG forms, tactics, templates, job aids, and more can be found on the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Area Plan References and Tools[BEC4]  page.


Pribilof Islands Wildlife Protection Guidelines for Oil Spill Response (PI WPG)

The Pribilof Islands Subcommittee maintains the Pribilof Islands Wildlife Protection Guidelines for Oil Spill Response.

*The PI WPG is being updated! The revised version of the PI WPG is expected in Winter 2022/2023.*

PI WPG, Revision 8 (July 2014; Attachment 2 of the superseded Aleutians Subarea Contingency Plan for Oil and Hazardous Substance Spills and Releases; now incorporated by reference into the Arctic and Western Alaska Area Contingency Plan[BEC5] [BEC6] )

  • PI WPG, 2014[BEC7]  (Scroll to “Pribilof Wildlife Protection Guidelines” to download.)


Training and Additional Resources

WPG Training

  • WPG Training for Environmental Unit and Wildlife Branch Personnel[BEC8]  (March 2021; PDF)

Wildlife Reconnaissance

  • Alaska Spill Response Wildlife ID Aid[BEC9]  (electronic version not currently available; contact US Fish & Wildlife Service[BEC10]  for hard copies)
  • Tutorial: Alaska Spill Response Wildlife ID Aid[BEC11]  (video)

Carcass Collection and Documentation

  • Carcass Collection and Documentation during an Oil Spill Response [BEC12] (*Coming Soon!*)


For questions about the WPG, please contact one of the following:

  • Wildlife Protection Committee Chair[BEC13] 
  • Alaska Department of Fish and Game[BEC14] 
  • NOAA Fisheries[BEC15] 
  • US Fish & Wildlife Service[BEC16] 







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