to the Alaska Regional Response Team Website. As an advisory board to the Federal On Sceen Coordinator (FOSC), the Alaska Regional Response Team provides federal, state, and local governmental agencies with the means to participate in response to pollution incidents.

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Next Meeting:

February 10, 2021 9 AM - 3 PM. Virtual Meeting. 

Teleconference Line 866 299-3188, passcode 9072715083

Web Conference/Adobe Connect: https://epawebconferencing.acms.com/epaalaska/

Meeting Agenda and Presentations

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Public Comment/ Information on Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Division of Mining, Land, and Water (DMLW)
Statewide Abatement of Impaired Land (SAIL) Section

ARRT Meeting, Tabletop Exercise and Hotwash September 14-16, 2020. 

NEW Documents


ARRT Newsletter to Tribes (Summer 2020)

  • Annual report to federally recognized tribes on the status of the ARRT and recent activities and plan updates.


  • Promulgated August 31, 2020
  • February 2021, File Update/ No Content Changed; PDF Bookmarks added and image compression errors addressed.

New Documents & Products

ARRT and Area Committee Guidelines for Coordination and Consultation with Federally Recognized Tribes
  • Originally drafted in 2014, these guidelines have been updated to reflect the new Contingency Planning structure and formation of Area Committees in Alaska.
    Please submit any comments or questions to Mary Goolie, EPA ARRT Coordinator/Area Planner (goolie.mary@epa.gov). 
ARRT Charter (Updated April 2020)
ARRT Status of Revitalization 2020- a summary of recent progress and intiatives

EPA Navigable Waters Protection Rule FactsheetsOn January 23, 2020, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of the Army (Army) finalized the Navigable Waters Protection Rule to define “Waters of the United States” and thereby establish federal regulatory authority under the Clean Water Act. The rule will become effective 60 days after publication in the Federal Register. The agencies are providing four fact sheets on the Navigable Waters Protection Rule. for additioanl information, please see The Navigable Waters Protection Rule - Supporting Documents

Arctic Council Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response (EPPR) has prepared a video on Basic Oil Pollution Response Principles. This video is available online in 6 chapters. Two additional videos are planned, " Risk and Impact" and Community Planning." We will share these videos as they are available.

Emergency Phone Number
National Response Team: 1-800-424-8802

Contact the ARRT Coordinators:
Marc Randolph, USCG
Mary Goolie, US EPA
Craig Ziolkowski, AK DEC

If you have any comments or recommendations on this website or its contents, please send them to Liza Sanden and/or Mary Goolie.

Alaska Regional Response Team Graphic
Gunn River Drill
Unified Command meeting, Interim Restart PLan