As an advisory board to the Federal On Scene Coordinator (FOSC), the Alaska Regional Response Team provides federal, state, and local governmental agencies with means to participate in response to pollution incidents.
Alaska Regional Response Team Graphic  Alaska Regional Response Team Graphic  Alaska Regional Response Team Graphic

Emergency Phone Number:
National Response Team


Contact the ARRT Coordinators:
Nick Knowles, US EPA
Patricia Bower, AK DEC

What's New?

Next Meeting  

Alaska Regional Response Team Meeting:  The next meeting of the ARRT will be held on Setptember 28th, 2016, in Nome, at the Municipality's Mini-Convention Center, 409 River Street.  A copy of the agenda is HERE.

This meeting is being held in conjunction with a meeting of the Northwest Arctic Subarea Committee, which will take place on September 27th, at the same location.  View the Subarea Committee agenda HERE.  

New Documents:    


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