Contingency Plans


The Alaska Planning Framework consists of the Regional Contingency Plan and four Area Contingency Plans.

NEW: Alaska Regional Contingency Plan (Feb 2022)

Please see the ADEC Area Contingency Plan page for the four ACPs.

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The planning framework for Alaska for response to oil spill and hazardous materials releases aligns with the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (National Contingency Plan ) and the National Response Framework.


The primary repository of these plans is on the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, website at: The Regional Contingency Plan and three coastal zone Area Contingency Plans plans are also available on the U.S. Coast Guard Homeport, in accordance with USCG regulation.

The ARRT Statewide Planning Committee works to coordinate the content of the ACPs between the Area Committees. To support this, they maintain an "ACP Style Guide" to foster consistency of style and language among the plans. 

Letter to Stakeholder Regarding the Change to the 2018 Regional and Area Plans and planning framework

Dear Stakeholders:

After many months of hard work, effective Friday, September 14, 2018, the single Alaska Regional Contingency Plan and four Area Contingency Plans have replaced the old Unified Plan and 10 subarea contingency plans. The four new Area Contingency Plans combine several of the previous subareas and include all of the information previously housed in those subarea plans. The content in the government plans has been repackaged into the new plan structure, but there is no new or removed content as a result of this revision. Operational and planning areas for individual operations may extend into more than one Area Plan. More information about this change, including a map of the new Areas and the newly adopted regional and area contingency plans, is available: Oil and Hazardous Substance Response Plans.   

Updating and improving the content of the four new Area Contingency Plans is now the responsibility of the Area Committees, co-chaired by the State On-Scene Coordinator(s) (ADEC) and the Federal On-Scene Coordinator (USCG or EPA) for the area.  The Area Committees welcome and encourage the active participation of industry, local governments, and stakeholders in the government planning process.   (Please see "ARRT Meetings" tab for additional information on upcoming ARRT and Area Committee Meetings)

Please note that ADEC shall maintain access to the superseded Unified Plan and subarea contingency plans to assure access to response information during this transition period.  The superseded plans are available for reference here: Oil and Hazardous Substance Response Plans - Superseded Plans.